Can I have multiple DBA's under one LLC?

Treyton DeVore
January 23, 2023
"Can I have multiple DBA's under one LLC? I ask because I want to file correctly and have niche sites (using affiliates). Thank you."

- CR, 53


Yes, you can have multiple DBAs under one LLC.


I did this when I was first getting started, but eventually separated my freelance & creative work from my financial planning LLC.

So in your case, you may have Niche Site LLC and then multiple DBAs:

  • Niche Site LLC DBA Plant Blog
  • Niche Site LLC DBA Money Blog
  • Niche Site LLC DBA Education Blog
  • Etc, etc.

If you were to do this and all of the sites were making money, you'd want to stay on top of bookkeeping and be sure that you can see the different profitability & numbers between each of the different sites.

You could have one business bank account to receive all the site's income, or you may have separate checking accounts for each site so that you can visually break them apart.

As far as taxes go, filing and documentation would be simpler if all sites were under one LLC because you'd most likely only have to file one Form 1040 (not tax advice).

However like I mentioned, I eventually separated out my businesses and now have multiple LLCs. I did this because of increased liability within the financial planning business and if something happened in any of businesses, I didn't want the assets of the other ones to be subject to any legal actions.

So if you have high-earning sites, it may be worth the hassle to create their own LLCs to reduce liability and at that point, I wouldn't worry about the cost of forming multiple businesses. The protection is worth it if you're making consistent money from the sites.

Tax time would also be a little more complex (and expensive) with multiple LLCs as they'd all require their own tax forms.

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