How Christian Guzman Built a Fitness, Fashion, & Retail Empire

Treyton DeVore
May 18, 2022

If you follow any fitness content, you've probably heard the name Christian Guzman before.


He started posting on YouTube in 2012 and like many fitness creators, he started out with workout content and earned money through:

  • Personal training
  • Digital products
  • And affiliate marketing

He was passionate about fitness and was dedicated to building his own brand, Alphalete.

Over time, he created fitness apparel and opened his first, small warehouse gym in Texas.

At the time this was a big business move and let him start turning the attention he was getting from content into a functioning, sustainable business.​


For the next several years, he continued to vlog, expanded his business through partnerships and bigger gyms, and eventually launched the Summer Shredding Challenge, a hit amongst his following.

It's an annual bodybuilding/fitness show (now hosted at his own Alphalete Gym) and because he's a creator, he kicks off the challenge on his channel and vlogs his daily training and nutrition as he prepares for competition, creating a closer bond with his subscribers.


He then launched an energy drink line, 3D Energy, to further diversify his income streams and if you know business, you know how lucrative a beverage company can be.

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And to add to all of that, right before COVID hit, he announced the plans for Alphaland, a gym and retail experience - combining his passion for fitness and his popular Alphalete clothing brand.

COVID presented many challenges of course and inevitably delayed the launch.

When pouring money into construction and projecting cash flow, delays can be devastating.

But after 2 years, Alphaland is officially open for business in Stafford, TX.

It aims to be a premier destination for gym-goers and a hot travel spot as the campus features a hotel amongst many other fitness & lifestyle focused amenities.

Watch the launch video: The Biggest Moment Of My Life... Opening Alphaland​


​Because of the attention he's created around himself and the community he's built, he's had no problem with support behind product launches and new business ventures - which reinforces the impact creators have and shows how content can be used as a tool to build businesses (aside from traditional content marketing).

His success also shows how important it is to match your business to your audience if you plan to leverage them to grow.

He'd put out fitness content and built his brand for years, and received support along the way, which allowed him to confidently make business decisions that would provide the highest chances of success.

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