How to Be Prepared for a Web 3.0 Airdrop [Thread]

November 11, 2021

Seeing people talk about airdrops on social media? You're not the only one.

Airdrops are the hottest new topic since ENS released their governance token on November 8th.

This thread from @LgDoucet breaks down some things you need to know about airdrops so you can try to position yourself to be involved in a future one.

Key takeaways:

1. Know what the tokens do

Airdrop tokens are more than just a random token. Depending on the project, the token may provide voting power or used within the community.

"They're meant to hand power, utility and profit to community"

2. Research past airdrops

Legitimate airdrops should have a written report (whitepaper) that explains what the token is and how they plan to use it.

3. Look around for hints and set yourself up

Since the idea of airdropped tokens is to decentralize the community, think about the web3 tools that you're already using. I received the ENS airdrop because I got my ENS domain back in July and the value is currently sitting at $15,000.

It literally pays to be involved and interact with web 3.0.

A quote from the thread:




Sign Up.



Refer friends.






Take Surveys."

Read the thread

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