Important Annual Financial Dates in 2023 (for Self-Employed)

Treyton DeVore
October 24, 2022

I wish the government gave out a financial syllabus for things we need to do throughout the year, so I made one.

Here's a non-exhaustive list of important financial dates & tasks for self-employed people in 2023:

Q1 (Jan-Mar)

🗓 January

Tax season begins and the IRS starts processing 2022 returns - IRS FreeFile Service opens

16th - Banks closed (MLK Day)

🛑 16th - Q4 2022 estimated quarterly taxes due

31st - 1099 forms from clients who paid you more than $600 should start arriving in the coming weeks. If you paid anyone more than $600, 1099 forms need to be sent by the end of January.

🗓 February

20th - Banks closed (President's Day)

Q2 (Apr-June)

🗓 April

18th - National tax day, 2022 filings & taxes are due, extensions may be filed

🛑 18th - Q1 2023 estimated quarterly taxes due

18th - Last day to make 2022 HSA & IRA tax-deductible contributions

🗓 May

  • 29th - Banks closed (Memorial Day)

🗓 June

🛑 15th - Q2 2023 estimated quarterly taxes due

19th - Banks closed (Juneteenth)

30th - Last day to file for FAFSA

Q3 (July-Sep)

🗓 July

  • 4th - Banks closed (Independence Day)

🗓 September

4th - Banks closed (Labor Day)

🛑 15th - Q3 estimated quarterly taxes due

Q4 (Oct-Dec)

🗓 October

1st - 2023-24 FAFSA filings open

9th - Banks closed (Columbus Day)

16th - deadline for those who filed extensions for 2022 tax return

🗓 November

  • 1st - Open enrollment for 2023 health insurance begins
  • 23rd - Banks closed (Thanksgiving Day)

🗓 December

25th - Banks closed (Christmas)

31st - Last day to make deductible charitable contributions

31st - Last day to make deductible 401(k) contributions

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