Great Podcasts and YouTube Channels for Money Mindset and Financial Advice

Tammy Danan
September 17, 2022

No matter how much you make, whether as a freelancer or a 9-to-5 employee if you don’t know how to manage your finances, you’ll always find yourself short of cash. It is one thing to make enough so you can live the life you want. It’s another to be at peace with your financial growth and the direction you’re taking.

Shifting the ways you see money and other things like investment, debt, and savings is super important too! You may need to unlearn some things, especially that to most of us, money and self-worth overlap. I, for one, spent so many years shifting my view about finances, self-worth, and everything in between.

This unlearning did not happen magically. I leaned on friends. Podcasts and YouTube channels became my school and I realized, there’s so much to learn about financial growth and personal growth. Here are some great podcasts and YouTube channels I love!

The Minimalists

Technically, this is a podcast about minimalism. Also on YouTube, The Minimalists focus on simplicity and rethinking the way you live, and relating that to minimalism. They also have a ton of videos about finance and minimalism and how those two intersect and I love that. I’m big on minimalism and I’m terrible at finance so there’s always something to learn and I always find something interesting in every video. This episode with Chris Guillebeau is probably one that I’ve rewatched the most.

HerMoney by Jean Chatzky

Listening to Jean Chatzky is my way of relaxing! This podcast plus a mug of coffee on a weekend afternoon is such a delight. I only recently discovered Jean Chatzky and I’ve been hooked since. The way she carries her listeners through each episode is so relaxing, and there are punches of solid tips and life realizations here and there. To me, that’s a perfect balance. One of her episodes, Ambition is Not a Dirty Word is a must-listen for every creative.

Matt D’Avella

This YouTube channel is sort of adjacent to The Minimalists. Matt has worked with Ryan and Joshua from the Minimalists and Matt’s content about finances is also worth checking. About 8 videos on his channel focused on personal finance and each video is a gem. I love how casual and matter-of-fact he is, almost as if we’re just having a conversation as opposed to me watching a video. For folks who are new to personal finance, Matt D’Avella’s channel is a solid place to start.

Latasha James

Social media manager Latasha James talks about finances from all corners of freelancing. From starting small managing people’s social media to running your own freelance business, this channel is full of tips and advice. Experience is the best teacher, they say, and she’s got it. Her videos are easy to watch but sometimes, I find myself needing a notebook and pen with me. Some things you just have to note by hand. This video about pricing strategies is a good place to start if you wanna check out Latasha’s channel.

Planet Money by NPR

Planet Money is like financial journalism. Focused on the economy, Planet Money is home to 30-min podcast episodes that are more business-y. But if you’re looking for something to put on speaker while cleaning the house or cooking lunch, this podcast might just be the one. I don’t listen to this “with all my heart” as in, sitting down and just listening. I incorporate this with random chores like restocking the pantry or organizing my clothes. It’s too informative but at the same time, it has a ton of great points, and catching those points is why I still listen to Planet Money.

The Financial Diet

I used to not like this channel. It covers so many things from crypto meltdown to homeownership to dealing with taxes that it overwhelmed me. But I remained a subscriber and soon enough, I noticed more videos that fit me.

The Financial Diet is home to in-depth conversations about anything and everything that relates to money. But my fave are the short pieces like their bi-weekly video essays from Making It Work. I love that it humanizes finances, shares relatable sh*t, and there’s always something to learn, even if it’s only a 5-min video.

Freelance to Founder

From spending money on marketing to productivity secrets so you can keep earning without having to hustle hard, Freelance to Founder has got you covered. This podcast has long episodes and short ones that are about 5 minutes only, and I like that mix. Full disclosure, I don’t subscribe to everything they share in this podcast, but I love how honest each episode is, and how it’s packed with tips and advice. I mean, if you want something that will fill you with tips and advice, you’d want to check Freelance to Founder.

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