Introducing The Creatorbread Creative Grant Program: Funding Creativity

Treyton DeVore
December 17, 2022

Money’s a touchy subject.

Everyone has a different relationship with it and for many, it can bring out a lot of negative emotions.

It’s believed that we learn our core money habits by the age of 7, so it can be tough to alter those learned behaviors as we get older.

Many people go their entire lives having an unhealthy relationship with money and I want to do my part to change that within the creative community. In my opinion, creatives are—and throughout history, have been—some of the most important people in society.

But modern day capitalism doesn’t support that belief. Our financial system has made it nearly impossible to pursue something that doesn’t make a profit & pay your bills from day one.

In his book, Underdog Revolution, Pierre Stanley Baptiste talks about the importance of rewarding innovators and creating a space for people to do good:

So on December 9th, the Creatorbread Creative Grant Program went live - a mission to remove the financial limitations from pursuing a creative career.

In the past six weeks, I went through the process of creating a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, formed the grant program and as of December 15th, raised $600 to fully fund the first grant application.

The first recipient is Elizabeth R, a young creative who works to make custom garments & costumes for underrepresented models, plays, and more. The funds from the grant will be used to purchase a sewing machine and a mannequin form as a chronic disease is making it increasingly difficult for her to create by hand.

Full story coming soon

But since 2020, I’ve been a financial planner while doing my own creative work. I have a unique perspective on the relationships we have with money and the role that it plays in a creative career.

And after 2 years, I can confidently say that the number one thing that most people need to get where they want to be is…. money.

Money’s not the solution, of course - but it’s a tool that can help create freedom, giving someone the needed buffer to build a sustainable career.

For example, you’re probably familiar with David Perell, one of the best writers of our generation. But did you know that his now-popular writing school, Write of Passage, was started with funds from a grant?

I started my business with savings that I worked for two years to get. For the first 6 months, I did DoorDash every day and put my rent on credit hoping I could earn enough the next month to pay it off.

I know what it’s like trying to operate on $0.

When you’re doing creative work, it’s brutal. Financial pressure puts more strain on the creative process than anything.

So that’s why I created the Creative Grant Program - I’ve been there, and I want to help as many people as possible get the chance to pursue their passions.

We've already received nearly $8,000 worth of applications, and our December fundraising goal is $4,777 to fund four of the initial grants.

If you're someone who may be in a tough spot financially and could use some help along your journey, I encourage you to apply. And if you're able, a small donation may seem insignificant, but 100% of the support we receive goes directly towards funding the next grant because we have no employees & minimal business costs.

To support or apply for a grant: View the Creatorbread Creative Grant Program

Thank you 🙏


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