Introducing Piertree Provides

Treyton DeVore
November 2, 2022
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Everyone wants to "make an impact".

Piertree Provides is my vehicle to make the biggest impact that I can.

When I started Piertree back in the summer of 2020, I knew that I was building something bigger than just a financial planning firm.

In fact, when I was reflecting on my first year of entrepreneurship, I tweeted this:

So on Monday October 31st, Piertree Provides (my nonprofit) became an official entity.

There are still a few more steps that I have to take to fully become a non-profit and get tax-exempt status from the IRS, but I’m super excited to get the first step out of the way.

The reason that it's named Piertree Provides is because I want all brands under Piertree to be alliterative.

For example, my financial planning firm started out as Piertree Planning (before rebranding to AllStreet Wealth) and my freelance business is Piertree Projects. In the future, I'll have Piertree Properties, Piertree Products, and more.

But to stay on topic, from what I’ve read and researched, there’s a chance that the nonprofit could get approved within 30 days after I submit everything to the IRS, so the main goal right now is to get everything done before December 31st. That means I need to get all the applications done and submitted within the next week or so.

And the reason I’m starting a non-profit right now is because I had an idea to start a grant program to help fund creative projects, ideas, studio time, whatever it may be related to someone’s creative journey. After talking to some tax people and friends, I decided the best option was to do it proper from the beginning and just start my own so that I could build everything in a way that I want to.

Here's a quick video I recorded about the process so far:

I’m going to have another video explaining the grant program itself more in-depth, but it’s going to be called the Starving Artist Grant Program and the idea is to fund it in two different ways.

Donations being the traditional way and second, a few weeks ago I designed a piece of merch to give away for free that a lot of people asked if they could buy:

I never planned to sell anything, so next Friday November 11th, I’m aiming to launch the Starving Artist collection and all profits are going to fund the grant program.

We’ve already got almost $8,000 worth of applications so I’m excited to keep working to get this thing launched and then start working towards getting people the funding they need.

There’s a lot going on, I’m trying my best to figure it all out, but I appreciate you reading and supporting.

I'll have more updates soon as I continue to go through the registration process & I'll have another post breaking down the Grant Program in more detail before the end of the month.

Let's get this bread 🍞

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