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September 10, 2022

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Welcome to Live Different, a public journal where I’m documenting my creative business journey and sharing stories & lessons along the way.

“Live different” is my approach to life.

It means go out and be creative. Pursue an independent career. Work from 10pm-3am if you so choose. Travel more than you think you should. Eat the calories. Go to therapy. Touch grass. Workout. Get that bread. F*** the Joneses. Essentially, live different.

Don’t conform, create.

All of our paths will look different. I’m sharing mine here, and if you’ve felt alone in your creative journey, this place is for you.

Leave a comment, introduce yourself, share what you’re working on, share what you’re struggling with, ask a question, whatever you feel comfortable with - this isn’t a newsletter, it’s one place on the internet where you’ll always feel heard and understood.

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