We've been lied to about retirement - #71

Treyton DeVore
February 18, 2023

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Money: We've been lied to about retirement [article]

This article is from last year.

It's one of my favorite posts I've written & it's been a long week so I didn't have time to write a new one..

The Chiefs won the Super Bowl on sunday and I stayed up like a lil journalist sketching Monday morning's Breadhead* (at the bottom of this email).

Then we had the parade on Wednesday, all-day event:

I'm still kind of tired.

But I did take some time to update the article, add more context & examples, and now it might be my favorite post I've written.

Let me know if it resonates with you.

Read the revamped article

🗓 this week

Friendly money & business reminders for self-employed creatives

✅ Start wrapping up this month's bookkeeping

Why? It's MUCH easier to do it throughout the year than all at once before next tax season

But I have a proposal:

If I created a regular Zoom call where you could "co-work" with other creatives to catch up on bookkeeping, admin tasks, invoicing, etc - would you attend?

The sole purpose would be dedicating 30-45 minutes to get the business side of things done.

Maybe host it once a week.

Mics would be muted, cameras optional, some lofi beats in the background if we're feeling it - if you're interested, click below and I'll send you an email with more details soon!

I want to attend!

..more crumbs

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bread bowl - The Breadheads*

Thanks for reading 🖤

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