Freelance Finances 101: An Interview - #81

Treyton DeVore
April 29, 2023

Welcome back,

I recently did an interview with Harlow about the basics of freelance finances.

While tailored to freelancers, most of the answers could apply to anyone with a solo business.

Some of the questions I answered:

• How do you recommend freelancers structure their business?

• Why is it important to have a separate business bank account?

• At what point in the freelance journey do you recommend bringing on a bookkeeper/accountant?

• What money management advice would you give to year one freelancers who want to plan for things like taxes & retirement?

• What expenses should small business owners be keeping track of?

If you want to read the full interview, click here:

Read 'Freelance Finances 101'

🗓 this week

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✅ Life is simple

Keep your overhead low - When I started, my total monthly expenses were $1,700 (including rent). With low expenses, I could survive without needing much income - which is a situation most creatives find themselves in.

Focus on hard skills - I spent several months learning web design in 2021 and it's now my primary income source.

Make what you're passionate about - I spent years doing things that I wasn't passionate about, and recently found contentment when I doubled down on the things I loved doing.

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