A simple *business* finance setup - #80

Treyton DeVore
April 22, 2023

Welcome back,

Last week we talked about a simple personal finance setup.

This week, we're breaking down a simple business finance setup.

As a creative, you have better things to do than spend time managing money. Every minute you spend sending invoices or trying to keep track of your income, the less time you have for what you love.

(Unless you love managing money - then spend all the time you please)

Technology can either make things a headache or much easier.

I've tested countless tools to figure out what works best.

These are my top recommendations for what you need to successfully manage your business finances:

Banking - Novo

Invoicing - Stripe

Investing - Fidelity

Accounting - Wave

Credit - American Express

If you want to see the full breakdown & recommended tools, click here:

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🗓 this week

Friendly money & business reminders for self-employed creatives

✅ Don't overextend yourself

It's easy to feel like you're "behind" if you're not promoting yourself and your work 24/7.

But I have a belief that your actions have to match your ambitions.

If you want to be the biggest or most well-known creative in the world, yes - you need to be marketing constantly & working harder than everyone.

If you want to make $40,000/year and you don't need an audience to make that happen, don't worry about the missed 'opportunities'.

..creative crumbs

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