Choosing a Credit Card for Your Creative Business - #59

Treyton DeVore
November 26, 2022

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Creative Business: 7 Keys to Getting the Right Clients as a Solopreneur [article]

Selling a service can be challenging. You have to market yourself, manage client relationships, collect payments, AND do the necessary work to finish the project.

Josh Spector has built a successful creative business and these are a few of my favorite takeaways from the article:

  • Ask yourself "Do I want to do the work or teach the tactics?"
  • Ongoing relationships can be tougher to sell because it’s a more long-term commitment, the success metrics can get murky over time, and you can only take on so many clients
  • One-off projects can be easier to sell and give you the flexibility to work with more varied clients (and more quickly raise your prices with each new project), but they require you to more frequently attract new clients
  • Come up with a format that works for you and plays to your strengths and interests…as long as it also delivers a result for the client
Money: Choosing a Credit Card for Your Freelance Business [article]

I love reading about how other people think through money decisions.

Between travel points, cash back, and other rewards, picking a credit card can be paralyzing. In this article, Kaleigh Moore shares how she chose a credit card for her business and some of the tradeoffs that she considered.

Personally, I use the American Express Blue Business Cash Card for my primary business as it offers 1-2% cash back and $0 annual fee.

I also just applied for the Chase Ink Business Unlimited last week for my freelance biz so that managing cash flow with inconsistent income is a little bit easier.

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