My Favorite Cash Back Credit Cards - #47

Treyton DeVore
September 3, 2022

Happy Saturday!

A semi-exciting personal update - I started a passion project that i've been thinking about for awhile.

There's never been a place where I felt comfortable sharing less-focused content. With most things, I put pressure on myself to "provide value" - whatever that means.

Truth is, I struggle with a lot of things. Most of the time, I feel like my own worst enemy when it comes to making progress. So I'm doing something about it.

Enter: Live Different

A public journal. A lifelong documentation of projects that I'm working on, things that I'm struggling with, questions I have, life decisions I'm thinking through - the real side of being self-employed and trying to live a happy life.

You can leave comments, share what you're up to, talk with others, or just read along - whatever you feel comfortable with :)

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Each week, I'm going to include a quick link over to it and that's it. The Loaf will keep its regularly scheduled programming.

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Creative Business: 13 Legal & Tax Requirements for Starting a Small Business [article]

While it's easier than ever to start a small business, there are a lot of technical requirements that you need to be aware of.

From choosing the right business entity to understanding self-employment tax, this article by Podia breaks down what you need to know.

Even if you've already established a business and been operating for awhile, you might be surprised at how many tax & legal things that we have to stay on top of.

Money: 4 Reasons Freelancers Should Apply for an EIN [article]

Piggy-backing off the article above, I wrote about why every freelancer should apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN). The 4 reasons:

  • You can stop giving out your Social Security Number (SSN) to clients
  • You can get business bank accounts
  • You can set up tax-advantaged investment accounts
  • You can get a business credit card

free financial advice*

Topic of the week: Is there a credit card you recommend for the most cash back (both personal and business)?

Cash-back cards can be a great tool, but they must be used carefully. Almost every card carries a high interest rate so if you don't pay off the balance every month, you'll most likely end up paying more in interest than whatever cash back you earn.

There are truly unlimited options out there but personally, I use two cards for my personal life and one for business:

Apple Card - personal

  • 3% cash back on Apple Products
  • 2% cash back on anything when using Apple Pay
  • 1% cash back on everything else
  • No annual fee
  • Physical and digital cards
  • Cleanest UI/UX in existence
  • Visit

Chase Sapphire Preferred - personal

  • If you enjoy occasional free travel, this can be a great card
  • 2x back on travel, 3x on dining, 1x cash value
  • Accumulated points can be used for travel, cash back, etc
  • $95 annual fee (can be worth it if used enough and points are maximized)
  • View card

American Express Blue Business® Plus Credit Card

  • $0 annual fee
  • 2x back on eligible business purchases, 1x back on other
  • For businesses with high expenses, it can be worth paying for a better card that has higher cash back rewards
  • For example, ecomm stores that run consistent ads can rack up significant points for spending they need to do anyways
  • View Blue Business Plus card
  • View Blue Business 2% Cash card

A lot of cards offer 3-7% cash back on very specific categories, like online subscriptions or dining, but chasing these cards to get an extra few percent back isn't worth it in my opinion. One day you'll have a wallet or purse full of cards, payments will probably get missed because there's too many to keep track of, and you'll start to resent the magical "cash back".

I like to stick with one or two well-rounded cards, take advantage of their benefits, and not worry about them. My time and mental energy is better spent trying to earn more money than searching for an extra 2% back on $1,000 of spending. I'd assume that's true for yourself too.

But if you want to dive deeper into credit card hacks, I highly recommend checking out The Points Guy. He compares all the different options, breaks down pros and cons, and frequently updates the site with new cards & reward offers.

Whatever you decide to go with, make sure that you're aware of the annual fee and consider whether or not the cost is worth the potential benefits.

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