My First Year as a Freelancer: Income Breakdown - #56

Treyton DeVore
November 5, 2022

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Creative Business: What It's Like Being a Full-Time Creator

This blog from ConvertKit dives into 9 different aspects of full-time creator businesses.

Some of my favorite takeaways:

  • 67% of full-time creators started growing their audience more than three years ago
  • Professional creators put out an average of 4.4 different types of content, with top formats including social posts, email, blog posts, and short-form videos
  • 79% of creators didn’t have a full-time employee, 69% didn’t have a part-time employee, and 45% didn’t work with contractors

Money: How Much I Made in My First 12 Months as a Freelance Writer & Designer (Full Breakdown)

I started freelancing last year and through my first 12 months of both writing & design, I made $54,666.

This article breaks down how I became a freelancer, my first year income, and three things I would've done differently.

💸 starving artist grants

An exciting update on the Grant Program mentioned in last week's newsletter:

After talking to some tax people & friends, I decided that the best route for me to go in this journey was starting my own nonprofit.

There's a lot that went into the decision, but on Monday October 31st, Piertree Provides became an official entity.

There are still a few more applications & things I have to do to become a full-fledged nonprofit, but we're well on our way.

We've already had nearly $8,000 worth of grant requests submitted and if you would benefit from a small grant, please submit this form.

Funds are reserved for those pursuing creative careers or working on creative projects.

A few examples from applicants so far:

  • $500 to replace old equipment & upgrade softwares to create a documentary
  • $1,000 to fly overseas to complete a photography project
  • $250 to upgrade freelance portfolio & join a gig community
  • $750 to help cover living expenses to pursue freelance work

I can't wait to start reviewing applications & issuing funds, but I'll keep sharing updates here as I work to get the nonprofit up & running so that all of this can be possible.

Watch the 3 minute explainer

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🗓 Important annual financial dates for the self-employed

🚽 Ludwig releases the most interesting creator product ever

🎥 Watch: How to succeed creatively (with A$AP Rocky)

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