The Story of a Microsoft Excel Creator (and We're Hiring!)

Treyton DeVore
December 19, 2021

Good morning and happy Saturday!

In this week's loaf:

  • 8 tax planning tips for busy freelancers
  • How a Microsoft Excel creator (huh?) made $100k in a day
  • Josh Spector's full collection of How to Get Newsletter Subscribers

Shorter newsletter this week, but it comes with a semi-exciting announcement:

Creatorbread will be hiring freelance content writers starting in January to write around the intersection of personal finance & being self-employed (freelancer, creator, etc.) so if you have any writer or creator friends who may be interested, please share this link with them.

While the main goal of Creatorbread is to provide education around the financial side of the creator economy, we want to participate in the economy by providing job opportunities, such as content writing, with first access going to our readers.

So be on the lookout for new roles popping up in the newsletter next year and share The Loaf with those who may be looking for freelance roles!


Creator Crumbs

Business: The Story of Miss Excel: Microsoft Excel Creator Who's Made $100k in a Day [Thread]

Kat Norton might be the most interesting creator in the world.

Taking something as boring and mundane as Excel sheets and turning them into not only entertaining pieces of content, but a profitable business is next-level.

She started creating content on TikTok in March '20 and by April '21, she had her first 6-figure month 🤯

She now sells courses and tutorials on how to use the whole Microsoft Office Suite and is continuing to grow her Miss Excel brand.

Money: 8 Tax Planning Tips for Busy Creators & Freelancers [Blog]

Being self-employed is amazing, but you know what's not amazing?

Having to guess how much to pay the IRS every quarter.

The IRS likes to make our life harder than it should be, but this post from Freelancer's Union talks through 8 tax planning tips to make tax time a little less painful.

Top takeaways:

  • Know the filing deadlines to pay quarterly estimated taxes
  • Determine your deductions
  • File Schedule C & SE

Strategy: Aprilynne Alter Shares Her Complete YouTube Journey [Thread]

When massive creators share tips about how to get started and how they became big, it's like they forgot what it was like to be small.

That's why this thread from Aprilynne is perfect if you're just getting started on YouTube - or want to get started.

My favorite aspect of this thread is that she explains how she was thinking about decisions when trying to find her creation rhythm, and showed the effects of those decisions.

Top takeaway:

On YouTube, you have to be niche to make it easier for yourself to create - when you have an audience and persona in mind, you can speak directly to them and help them through your content making it easier to come up with ideas and stay consistent

..more crumbs

👔 Reddit goes public and WallStreetBets is "officially" on Wall St.

📧 Josh Spector's guide "How to Get Newsletter Subscribers"​

🎥 TikTok to adjust algorithm to be more mental health-friendly

🍕 TikTok is getting in the restaurant business with delivery-only kitchens

📈 How to set goals as a content entrepreneur

Tool of the Week: Twitter Card Validator (free) - see what the preview image for links, blogs, videos, etc looks like on Twitter before you share

Read: Morgan Housel's Behavioral Finance Q&A with Investors

Read: McKinsey's 2021 Global Business Building Report

Freelance Finds: If you're a new freelancer or want to get started, this list of 28 freelancers to follow on Twitter is gold. Follow them, engage, reply to job postings they share, and become part of the freelance community.


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