Why the Solo 401(k) is King - #58

Treyton DeVore
November 19, 2022

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Creative Business: How to Productize Your Services & Make Money from Your Expertise

John Saunders runs a full-service design agency & has launched multiple creative projects. In this post, he walks through how to productize different pieces of a business to create revenue "from thin air".

A few examples of things to sell:

  • Job listing & hiring templates
  • Project workflow templates
  • Client survey templates
Money: The Solo 401(k): The Most Flexible Investment Account

Solo 401(k)'s were created so that self-employed workers could access to some of the same retirement benefits that W-2 employees have.

While it takes some work to set up, a Solo 401(k) can help you save money on taxes, set aside money for retirement, and invest in more than just stocks & bonds.

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