How to Make Investing Simple - #57

Treyton DeVore
November 12, 2022

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Good morning,

Shoutout to my golf friends this week ⛳️

I've played a few rounds with these and can say that between a Breadhead* ball and a ProV1, I make more putts with the Breadhead* ball.

Do with that information as you please:

(2) Custom Breadhead* golf ball packs

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creator crumbs

Creative Business: The Ultimate Guide to Landing More Brand Deals [article]

If you want to learn more about how brand deals work, how to negotiate higher rates, and how to make more money - look no further than this guide.

Money: The 3-Fund Portfolio: A Creative's Key to Investing [article]

Investing can be complicated & confusing. As creatives, we have better ways to spend our time than checking stock prices & doing constant research.

This article explains how to simplify the investing process and automate most of the work.

🍞 grant updates

Last week, the nonprofit was formed.

This week, I submitted the last form to the IRS to get 501(c)(3) status and qualify for the tax exemption (so that donors can write-off contributions).

According to their website, we should have a response within the next 30 days on whether or not the application was approved.

It's kind of surprising to see how quick everything is coming together.

But the first fundraising effort started yesterday with the launch of The Starving Artist Collection.

View the Shop

All profits that come from the Starving Artist designs are going directly to the Grant Program, a movement to help remove the financial limitations from pursuing creative work.

If you want to learn more about the nonprofit & grant program, click here.

..more crumbs

💰 This is the perfect time to start investing

📱 9 ways to improve your TikTok SEO

📚 How to tell a better story about yourself & your work

🎥 Watch: How your workspace can improve (or destroy) your life

✍🏼 Freelance Finds: How to diagnose potential client's problems

cheffin' - The Breadheads*

Keep creating,

Treyton DeVore


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